Dual Affiliation no longer

it is pleasing to note that after the UWKF challenged the undemocratic clause in the WKF constitution regarding dual affiliation and the WKF labelling any organization as dissident as and when they felt our unilaterally determined. the WKF now listened and understood that if they did not change this they may jeopardize their inclusion in the 2024 Olympic program. Although others are allowed to participate for selection for the Olympics in 2020, provided they adhere to the WKF rules it is not clear what one has to do to participate in these events which are qualifiers for the Olympics. we must however applaud the WKF for taking this decision as they relented on wanting to share the Olympic space with other international organizations. it has always been the believe but the UWKF that karate to the Olympics will benefit all karate as the sport will be exposed for the betterment of all. it is just 70 to 80 athletes that we allowed to participate in 2020 but the benefits will be felt by the 100 million. practitioners of all karate. we encourage all the challenge the WKF in their announce to allow all to be given a fair and equal chance to try to qualify for the Olympics irrespective which organization they belong too. The Executive Chairman of UWKF Shihan Imtiaz Abdulla has been assisting and challenging this fact since 1992 and he was very instrumental with many others in getting karate accepted by the IOC after it lost its provisional recognition in 1986. Unity and Development is the mantra of UWKF and it will not change. WKF must adopt the same mentality for all karate loving people to enjoy the fruits of so many that assisted in getting karate accepted into the Olympics. Karate is much more than just Olympic participation it ie about using a noble and disciplined art and sport to unite and develop all human beings worldwide. Those people especially narrow minded uneducated and selfish karate people need to change. they have to stop their ” Karate Apartheid” mentality and start working with everyone for the benefit of all karate. the UWKF is open to work with anyone with this mentality. We are not challenging Olympic recognition or ac acceptance and will definitely support the new mentality within the WKF as long as it is fair, transparent and inclusive. Let us hear from you on what you think about this. Until next time fly the karate unity and development flag high and let’s improve our world one punch and kick at a time.

United in all respects

The United World Karate Federation ( UWKF) was created to assist karate in two ways. The first objective was to support karate into the Olympics. With the late Sosai Kunio Tatsuno and our current President Sosai Chodoin
. This initiative was also supported by the late Nishiyama Sensei, Mano Sensei, Crowe Sensei, George Popper and many others that gave unselfishly towards this noble undertaking. Today we can say the rest is history and this achievement has been successful. The only disappointment is that not all karate is included in the Olympics, we are hopeful that the World Karate Federation, which Executive Chairman Imtiaz Abdulla was a senior Vice President from 1994 to 2009, with Espinos where both were elected in 1994 in the WKF Congress in Koto Kinabalu. It was also the year that the WKF requested South Africa to host the 13th World Karate Federation Championship, which we did in 1996 at the World Famous Sun City Superdome giving South Africa notice to hold two world championships in one country in the same year, and only two years to do both, this has never been done again. It was us tha introduced the Cadet and Junior World Champion in the World Karate Federation.
This was the platform that assisted in karate’s world-wide popularity and expansion. Executive Chairman Abdulla also won the President of African Karate in 1997, thus liberating African karate with the help of many brothers and sisters in karate in Africa. This was a historic turning point for karate.
When Executive Chairman Abdulla took over karate in Africa only 5 countries where activity in African and World events, when he was illegally disposed at an illegal gathering in Algiers in 2009 and the Algerian Mesbahi was illegally installed, with a illegal election arranged by Espinos and the now despised, and disposed YEROLIMPOS, who was then General Secretary.
This is when we decided to pursue the Unity and Development of karate for the right reasons and for the preservation of karate for all and standing by the traditional values of karate as a sport and art. We are not interested in been the best our challenging for Olympic recognition as we believe karate as it already and is a world-wide movement without the Olympics, is a benefit for all that practice and take part in this disciplined and beneficial Spartans art.
Our reference is Okinawa and the spirit of Okinawa. Training everyday, sweating everyday, uniting everyday, developing everyday and improving the health and lives of all societies everyday for all of the world through karate. Tournaments are a means to us to uniting and developing the youth and the karate population. But is the deepness and benefit in the art that we are more interested in, making everyone a champion is our mission in life.
Join the United World Karate Federtion today to join us in this quest of making a better future for all.

Return to Traditional Values in the Okinawan Martial Arts

From the Executive Chairman office

This is the website from the Executive Chairman of the United World Karate Federation

This year the Okinawan World tournament will be held in Naha City, Okinawa and it is the 1st World Tournament that will be exclusively ONLY for kata. KATA is the pride and treasure of Okinawan Karate and its practice and research are everlasting and non-ending in the benefits and rewards one receives from practicing this treasure that the ancient master handed down to us. It needs a deep study not just on the physical execution but in every aspect of the practice of karate. It needs the practitioner to understand the body dynamics, physiology, anatomy, breathing, the nervous system and how it can be repaired and damaged and many more aspects. It is in the KATA which is where we do the DATA analysis, that we find these answers. It must also be remembered that karate is a martial art first and foremost and sport is just a small part of the journey towards attaining the benefits of this marvelous physical, spiritual and mental endeavor. Many practitioners get so caught up in the sporting aspect that they forget the martial arts benefits. Now that Karate will be a “demonstration” Olympic Sports everyone is only looking and practicing this aspect. This is good for the promotion and development of younger karate-ka but it cannot be the ONLY aspect of karate.

Also, it is pleasing to notice that many karate-ka are now going back to the roots of karate, Okinawa and practicing with the master on the island, it is important to do this now as many are now aging and are not in the best of health and we have a short time to get as much from them as possible to depart to the future generation.

There is an old Japanese saying “NIGIRI SAN NEN” it takes three years to understand how to train and this should be the spirit of every karate-ka whether one is concentrating on sport or researching and training daily to get the benefit of the art.

The United World Karate Federation is equally promoting the art and sport but what makes us different is we allow all martial arts to exchange their experience and technical prowess in one organization and develop all martial arts and prepare all for fair play and equal education of martial arts for all. Thus creating a worldwide brotherhood of martial artist without politics and instilling the true values of BUDO in all our members, We work with all organization and have no restriction on who you should work with and how you work with each other.

12th UWKF African Open Karate and Martial Arts Competition Botswana 26 to 28 April 2018

We are almost 30 days away from the 12th UWKF Open and things are hotting up for the important event on the African Martial Arts Calendar. The competition will cater for Karate – {General, Traditional, Koshiki and Knockdown}, Kung Fu. Hard and Soft forms and Sparring, Sports Kickboxing (Point and Continous) and Grappling. This is the 1st time a competition of this manner has been hosted with all martial arts participating together, for the sake of unity and development of the martial arts by the martial artist.

Also important since 2017 UWKF has been encouraging mass participation in all of its events due to the small number of practitioners who will be allowed to take part in the 2020 Olympics games. Let us outline for your the criteria that will be imposed on any karate-ka wanting to participate at the 2020 Olympic games. One all athletes have to take part in the least 8 qualification event per year, so if the Olympics is a 4-year cycle then they will have to take part in at least 32 events every four years. So if each event is around $8000.00 for developing countries to participate in taking into consideration Flight, accommodation, equipment, and others this is $64000 x 4, you do the maths. This is fortunate for athletes in developing countries. This is only to participate if you don’t place you have no points, so this exercise is not cheap. Besides, the WKF events only allow one athlete per division per country again limiting karate-ka participating because of the Olympic qualification focus.

We want to have a world movement of participation and developing karate-ka and will also open entries in all divisions and all forms, starting from  12 African Open Karate and Martial Arts Championships, also we are encouraging organizations to work together and unite and develop jointly, this limiting and discrimination in calling organizations “dissident” because you don’t want them to exist is not healthy for karate and the martial arts. We come from the same source and we are all taking the same journey to the top of the mountain, the route maybe different but the goal is the same.

We ask all karate-ka and martial artist to embrace this new and open understand and encourage you to join this movement.


Mass Participation and Equal Opportunity

After much assessment it has become abundantly clear that the Olympic participation will be a disappointment for many as they will not have the opportunity, resources or time to get the qualification nod, as the numbers just cant accommodate everyone in the qualification process. The reality is that only a few individuals and countries can afford the qualification as an athletes one needs at least $64000.00 per year to just put yourself up for qualification, for those in Europe it is much easier as they have a few qualification event close to their vicinity. But for those in the developing countries this becomes a very expensive exercise. If one makes a simple calculation there are about 8 qualification events yearly and each event cost in the region of $8000.00 (accommodation, airfare, visas, insurance, competition approved gear, food, internal transports, competition fees, medical, training fees, supplementation and others). The qualification system expects any karate-ka to participate in a minimum number of events to accumulate points and the more you place in the top three the better your chances.  Also there are only 68 places world-wide for others countries in both Kata and individual kumite, there are no team events at the Olympics, besides Japan, they qualify automatically.

So taking this into consideration we are very happy that the WKF is concentrating on the Olympics and we will be very happy to concentrate in giving as many karate-ka and other martial artist an opportunity in the UWKF to take part with as many athletes and in as many formats as they wish. They will have to qualify through their organizations and national federations. Unity and Development is our motto and we will stick by this providing all formats of karate competition and all styles and all martial arts inclusive in all participation in one event.

This year is the year on the continental unions to have their respective events in April 2018 we have the 12th African Open Karate and Martial Arts Championship in Gaborone, Botswana, we expect 20 countries to participate, in July 2018 our members will participate in the IKU Pan American Championships in Chile, In August 2018 our members will be participating in the Okinawan World Championship in Naha, Okinawa, in November 2018 we will be in India for two events the Asian championships and the Indian Professional League as know as Boutpro.

So let the WKF worry about Olympics and 2020 is the only assurance that karate is in the Olympics with 5 other sports and we are proud of this collective achievement by all karate-ka world-wide, they have to try an convince the International Olympic Committee again in 2024 and beyond, this is a costly and tedious exercise and I wish them well. In the meantime let us concentrate on enjoying unifying and developing Budo world-wide one day at a time.

2018 starts with a bang

Exciting times for the Martial arts world as uniting and development the martial arts in a way unseen or unheard of before is being undertaken by the United World Karate Federation (UWKF) and its partners in making martial arts a desirable and acceptable sport and human development tool for all people of the world.
With its many benefits martial arts today is more important and necessary for all people’s of the world, where peace and human development can be achieved through this enjoyable and beneficial physical, mental and spiritual developmental tool. The sports arena replaces the war zones, the technique development and mental fortitude replaces the stress and frustration and the ability to take one to height that can be achieved through the martial arts is unsurpassed in any other sport. Besides this physical activity can be practiced in a limit arena, with no expensive tools our equipment and on ones own.
It is with this is mind that the UWKF want to start a revolution for PEACE and human development throughout the world, as it has 180 practicing countries and includes all forms of martial arts in its structure so that the community of 50 million people have the opportunity to practice and participate in this world movement of people that just want to do good and to create a better life for all through the martial arts.
Over the next few months UWKF will be announcing come very simple and practical programs to start this revolution and we ask all that are interested in this quest to join us in the journey. Our destination is World Peace through the Martial Arts. Come join us!

2018 will be a momentous year for Karate

556975_408890935855097_595061296_nFB_IMG_1468758769195.jpg With the United World Karate Federation approaching 4 years since its relaunch, the United World Karate Federation was previously known as the United World Karate Assoiation and was formed in 1992 in Tokyo Japan by Sosai Chodoin, UWKF Honorary President, and Imtiaz Abdulla Uwkf Executive Chairman, the karate will has not been the same since this happened. Sosai today is not as active due to his advance age, which does not premit him from travelling so much of his time is spent in Japan, and his cuases of fighting for justice in many areas.

Now that we are established and have very dedicated and solaid members we will be using the next 4 year to consolidate our partnership and expand into a mast participation World Martial Arts Body with the arts of unarmed and armed being at the forefront. We will be researching the origin name of KARATE- which as you are all aware changed a few times since karate’s importation into Okinawa and to Japan then to the world. Chairman Abdulla had some very indepth discussion with some prominent karate historians and masters during his trip to the Far East and Japan in particular. One of this promimemnt historians and masters in the founder of Koshiki Karate ad the son of Kori Hisataka Kaiso, Masayuki Histaka Hanshi, the inheritor of Shorinjiryu Kenkokan and the founder of Super Safe Equipment and the Koshiki competition system. Hisataka Hansi has authored a few books and has done very deep research into karate. Besides his Okinawan family name Kudaka is associated with nobility and his family are from the Bushi in Okinawa.  Hisataka Hanshi and the WKKF are also embarking on a very important and needed aspect of karate-EDUCATION. Yes, Education in the sense of qualification from many aspect, i,e. History, Budo Philosophy, Budo Antrpology, an many other subject which will be taught towards a Degress in the Budo Science. This has been accrediatd by Monarch University in Switzerland.  As the Japnese saying goes the Sword.” BunbuBunbu Ryodo” is the traditional Japanese approach to martial arts training. A somewhat literal translation would be: “The Dual Path of Cultural and Martial Arts,”  to the necessity of harmonizing the physical training of martial arts with the cultivation of appreciation for, or skill in, aesthetic arts in cluding education.

So, with 2017 almost at the end of its days we will be looking forward to a very busy and fruitful year in 2018. UWKF will continue with its quest to unify and development all martial arts and create harmoney and copertion betwen all of our partners. See our newsletter for more on the activities of our members an our partners and all latest news. Or if you want us to send you a gope kindly send an email to  uwkfhq@gmail.com.

We take this opportunity is wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and looking forward to working with all karate loving people in 2018.